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Prompt Service

We have the equipment and skilled labour to tackle any job at any time. With a fleet of 22 vehicles operating, we can attend to your job almost immediately. Has someone failed to arrive? Give us a call today. We are probably in your area right now.

Save time and money

We are punctual, professional and we provide the complete solution. If GPR Scanning or Service Locating is required prior to sawing and drilling, we can perform this as well. As a result, the lost time associated with the alignment of trades is removed completely.

Versatility & flexibility

With early adoption of new technology and an extensive range of machinery, we have the right solution for every job, regardless of the restrictions or site conditions.

About Us

Online Concrete Cutting Services is an Australian owned and operated business. Formed back in November 2005, we have achieved significant growth and formed key relationships.

Seeking to achieve and maintain a high level of professionalism, we have attracted many high profile clients whom demand and expect consistent and reliable service delivery. This in turn has been the driving force behind an ongoing requirement for enhanced policies and procedures. As a result we achieved IS09001 certification, NSW Government Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) accreditation, as well as accreditation with both the Australian and American Concrete Sawing & Drilling Associations.

We have completed many large projects including NHA Alliance, Norwest Transit way, M2 Motorway upgrade, numerous Sewerage Treatment Plant upgrades, and the CBA Bank (Martin Place, Sydney) refurbishment, just to name a few.   

The organisation along with its senior management team have been involved in some of the most significant and high profile infrastructure projects in the Southern Hemisphere including Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Ross River Dam, Seismic works - Parliament House New Zealand, ANSTO Nuclear reactor decommissioning. Collective industry experience amongst management and operator staff is in excess of two hundred years. We are confident we have the necessary knowledge, equipment and experience to complete any and all projects.

Our Accreditations

CSDA Level 1

Only Australian CSDA Level 1 Certified company in Australia (Concrete Sawing & Drilling association of America)


Seeking to achieve and maintain a high level of quality we obtained ISO9001 accreditation in November 2014

NSW Government

Only Sawing & Drilling organisation to achieve NSW Goverments Work Health & Safety Management compliance

Our Services

  • Standard Core Drilling
  • Hand Held Sawing 
  • Road Sawing / Floor Sawing 
  • Wall Sawing / Track Sawing 
  • Diamond Wire Sawing 
  • GPR Scanning (Concrete x-ray) 
  • Service Locating (Utilities)
  • Floor Grinding                               
  • Soff cutting & Joint Sealing          
  • Flush Cutting
  • Ring Sawing
  • Chain Sawing up to 500mm 
  • Bursting & Splitting
  • Large diameter core drilling
  • Stitch Drilling
  • Electric Road Sawing
  • Deep Road Sawing
  • Grooving
  • Slurry containment & recycling
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Rail Industry (RISI)

Equipment benefits:

  • Non percussive / vibration free methods
  • Diverse power options (able to cater for all conditions and environmental factors)
  • Silent type blades available for various equipment types
  • Machinery to allow major works to be performed within close proximity to occupied premises
  • Early adoption of new sawing & drilling technology
  • Multiple Wall Saws & Wire Saws, capable of achieving almost unlimited depth of penetration
  • Light-weight & versatile power options, including high-cycle electronics and hydraulics for restricted access 
  • Fully equipped operator vehicles with power and water on-board

Service benefits:

  • Available 24 hours / 7 days
  • Free on-site inspections
  • Same day service
  • Fully Accredited / Qualified

Core Drilling

Diamond tipped deep core drilling in Sydney is one of the only ways to drill through heavy steel re-enforced concrete and does not have any vibration, so it is perfect for sensitive areas.

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Hand Held Sawing

Hand held sawing in Sydney refers to portable saws that are fitted with diamond blades. This is more convenient for smaller jobs, where maneuverability and space is limited and the depth of cut required is moderate.

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Floor (Road) Sawing

Road Sawing, also known as slab sawing or floor sawing, refers to large self propelled concrete saws that are fitted with diamond blades. They are used to cut horizontal flat surfaces.

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Wall Sawing

Wall sawing uses a diamond blade that is mounted on a track which is fastened to the surface to be cut. Wall sawing produces a straight, clean cut which can be employed for both vertical and horizontal cutting.

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Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing allows almost any large concrete or masonry structure to be cut where other methods are not feasible. It is an ideal tool for cutting and removing reinforced concrete, such as bridge decks, jetties, columns or beams.

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Ground Penetrating Radar services also known as Concrete Scanning, Slab Scanning or Concrete Imaging is a non-destructive concrete inspection system that can locate subsurface obstructions.

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Soff Cutting & Joint Sealing

Soff Cutting allow for the earlier cutting of concrete slabs to prevent random cracking. Used as part of major roadway construction as well as pathways and driveways. Joint Sealing is performed to protect the cut line created by either soff cutting or road sawing.

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Bursting & Splitting

Hydraulic bursting and splitting breaks concrete by applying lateral forces against the concrete. Rather than shattering the concrete into bits as impact tools would, the lateral forces build up over time to crack the concrete into smaller sections.

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We have the capacity to take on multiple large projects at once, handled by the most qualified operators.

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Recent Projects

Online Concrete Cutting Services has been part of some of the most significant projects in Australia. Some of these include the M2 motorway, North-West Transit Way, Northern Hume Alliance project, Sydney Opera House loading dock upgrade, along with several sewerage treatment plant upgrades including Tamworth and Quakers Hill.

Yet we still enjoy and pride ourselves on successfully completing even the smallest of projects. Call us today to determine how we can assist you with your hand sawing, core drilling, road sawing, wall sawing, wire sawing, floor grinding, GPR scanning or service locating project, regardless of size.

Hills M2 Motorway Upgrade

As the preferred subcontractor selected by Leighton Contractors, Online Concrete Cutting Services were engaged to perform a large quantity of concrete sawing and core drilling on an ongoing basis for the entire duration of the project. Scope of work included extensive road sawing, core drilling and wire sawing. Multiple crews (often exceeding eight operators) were active performing work day and night. A critical aspect on this project was the use of self sufficient operator vehicles (including power and water on-board).

Barangaroo, Sydney CBD

Barangaroo Sydney is a once in a lifetime urban transformation on Sydney's spectacular harbour front, representing the largest waterside project currently under construction worldwide. Online Concrete Cutting Services have been engaged to perform sawing, drilling and scanning works directly by Lend Lease as well as various subcontractors onsite. Scope of works include wire sawing, core drilling, wall sawing, road sawing as well as GPR Scanning and service locating. Due to the high profile nature of the site the compliance standards are higher than ever encountered, forcing all parties to perform at their optimum level. 

Northern Hume Alliance (NHA)

Working alongside Leighton's, Online Concrete Cutting Services completed a total of 150,000 lineal meters of saw cutting and joint sealing during the eighteen month project. Meeting the road sawing & sealing requirements associated with the operation of up to four slip form pavers across a worksite spanning 75 kilometres proved difficult at times, especially while maintaining strict cost controls. Our efficient and effective use of resource allocation allowed us to complete our commitments on the project ahead of schedule and within budget.

Heritage Listed transformation

Works performed at the Commonwealth Bank building, Martin Place, Sydney. This job involved the widening of the existing central atrium as well as all levels leading to the atrium. Two new circular glass lifts providing access to the new rooftop were also installed. The sawing and drilling work performed included core drilling to prevent overcutting, road sawing and wire sawing. Amazingly all works were performed during continuous bank operation. Multiple crews worked six days a week for three month to complete the project within the strict timeframe. Image courtesy of TKD architects.

North-West Transit Way

North-West Transit Way links Parramatta, Blacktown and Rouse Hill. The various sections totalling more than 25km. Working alongside Leightons, we performed numerous concrete cutting services including road sawing, core drilling and hand sawing throughout the project. Works were successfully completed ahead of schedule.  more information


  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel Project
  • M2 installation and upgrade projects
  • Norwest T-way Project
  • Northen Hum Alliance Project


  • Opera House refurbishments
  • Commonwealth Bank refurbishment
  • Star City Casino alterations
  • Chatswood Metro residence


  • Ansto Nuclear Reactor decommission
  • Refurbishment of various Universities including UTS, COFA, and UNSW
  • Westmead Hospital refurbishment

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We look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or site inspection.

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